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Boys of Bakada High School from the J-drama Shiritsu Bakaleya Koukou.

Why you should watch this drama?

Consider it Crows Zero Jr. as well. Lots of fighting and blood in a cute way. But things changed when the all-boys Bakada High School merged with prim and proper girls from Cattleya No. 1 High School. It was time to get the boys’ acts done.

This drama stars teenage boys from Johnny’s Jr. If you are familiar with Johnny & Associates, this drama will let you be on the look out for the next idols most likely to follow the footsteps of Japanese idols from the agency.

This group from Johnny’s Jr. was named Bakaleya6 to identify the boys who played lead and second lead roles in the series. 6 boys these boys (all pictured above excluding Yuya Takaki who plays Tatsunami Shohei) are part of the Bakaleya6. (Yuya Takaki is part of Hey! Say! JUMP under Johnny and Associates)

Their names and characters are as follows:

Shintaro Morimoto - Tatsuya Sakuragi
Hokuto Matsumura - Tetsuya Asada
Taiga Kyomoto - Maya Terakawa
Juri Tanaka - Soichi Noguchi
Lewis Jesse - Yuki Satonaka
Yugo Kochi - Makoto Jimbo

I liked how the friendships between these total opposites developed throughout the story. The Shiritsu Bakaleya Koukou got their movie sequel as well which is also making its way to my download queue. The Tatsuya x Fumie x Tetsuya triangle is getting me all excited!

The girls in this drama are girls from AKB48’s Team 4. I was so attracted to Kaoru Mitsumune who is one hot chick! (I am no homo, it’s just that I like her face. She’s oozing with some cool aura around her.)

I am sooo looking forward to watching Shiritsu Bakaleya Koukou’s movie sequel!

What a spur of the moment before leaving!

Yoh <3

Even if we’ll be in a long distance relationship, I just thought, “Oh my, I want someone like Yoh to be my boyfriend.”

And then I went like, “Oh. Too good to be true.”